Pedro Alves is singer, author, composer and writer, born July 19, 1976 in Dijon (21). He is of Portuguese origin.

Pedro is the grandson of Isaïas Martins, guitarist and singer of Fado, in a country under the dictatorship of Salazar. Isaïas gives him courage, perseverance and his guitar.
At age 12, the basket of his bike filled with chocolate cakes, Pedro fugues for Paris and wants to become a singer. His parents put an end to this emancipated departure … at the end of the subdivision! However, they register him the next day at the Conservatoire and accompany him every weekend to the balls he hosts with his group, until he is 18 years old. He passes the entrance exam of Alice Dona’s school and here … well, Paris.

During 4 years, Pedro learns and participates in 3 albums

1996 – Vacances 2001 – Les routes du soleil (collectif Studio Alice Dona).
1997 – Génération Aznavour (collectif Studio Alice Dona).
1999 – Couleur de l’ombre (album d’Alice Dona – choriste). Il multiplie les TV et Alice Dona l’invite à l’Olympia pour ses 60 ans. S’en suivent deux années au Conservatoire de Cachan.

In 1998, Pedro Alves was selected for the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the title “Never more” written by Claude Lemesle. He is tied 2nd with Ginie Line. Gilbert Bécaud, then sworn, whispered in his ear that he sees a good career for him. Indeed, Pedro will become a great voice of Portugal.

In 2000, Pedro plays Aaron in the musical LES DIX COMMANDEMENTS: 320 tour dates; more than a million and a half spectators; 8 million records sold. It is then found in the album Love United and Noël Ensemble.

In 2004, Lionel Florence wrote “Je Chanterai” and included him in his album “Encounters and words”, in which we find: Florent Pagny, Johnny Hallyday, David Hallyday, The Enfoirés, Alain Chamfort, Pascal Obispo, Patricia Kaas, Patrick Fiori, Daniel Levi, Maurane … The same year, Yann-Philippe Blanc made Pedro a Presidential signature at Warner and told him during his first meeting: “France will know that you are one of the biggest voice of the country, no matter how many albums I would have to finance for that! “.
He released his album: ATTENTION FRAGILE – single: WATCH A WOMAN (Pascal Obispo – Lionel Florence) – title interpreted in the Miss France election.

Pedro to a long-time dream: working with Johnny Hallyday. The dream comes true from 2007 to 2009.
His artistic and project director – internet branch – applies so much that he collaborates with the clips “Chavirer les Mussels” and “Que reste-il-il”. In 2008, he is the executive producer of the video “Parle Hugo” for the association Voices of the Child, Production Yanke Prod. With the participation of Anne-Laure Girbal, Lââm, Hoda, Nicolas Peyrac, Pauline Delpech, Bruno Solo, Marie Myriam, Ophélie Winter, Faudel, Jenifer, Nâdiya, Michel Delpech, Julie Zenatti, Michel Fugain, Tété, Cali, Victoria, Sylvie Vartan, Michael Jones, David Hallyday, Emmanuel Moire, Leslie, Patrick Fiori, Claire Keim, Michel Jonasz, Francis Lalanne.

Pedro is asked by the troupe of the musical “Grease” in 2009 for the role of Sonny. He made a triumph in Paris at the Théâtre Comédia, at the Palais des Congrès, at Bercy with 3 dates and for a tour of more than 150 performances.

Then Pedro Alves is a producer and concert programmer at the Sentier des Halles in Paris. He also makes albums for other singers.

In 2011, in parallel with his restaurant Music Str’eat with stage open to artists, he creates Serial Liver, a production company of shows of which he is the director until 2013.

In October 2011, Pedro Alves participated in the show and concert-DVD Lorraine Choir – 2000 CHORISTS – under the direction of Jacky LOCKS (Galaxie d’Amnéville with Pablo Villafranca, Garou, Tina Arena and Marina d’Amico).

And then, his 15-year-old correspondent in Paris convinced him to become his agent. Pedro, gone to live in Burgundy, returns to Paris with his first daughter Lily. He prepares 3 albums with very different concept + 2 books. His faithful friend Jacques Roure is there, always. Meanwhile, Laure, his correspondent, becomes his wife and Lily will share his room with a small Eloise born in March 2015.

Pedro continues his tour around the world and released his first novel April 11, 2016: “Sobs in the way”, published by Editions Fortuna. Linda de Suza immediately agrees to preface it and the 4th cover will be done by his friend Patrice Guirao.

In 2017, Pedro Alves works with Jean-Félix Lalanne, intrigued by the Portuguese guitar and upset by the voice of Pedro. They recorded 3 titles, accompanied by Pascal Reva and Kevin Reveyrand. Jean-Félix invites Pedro on stage in Paris during his first edition of “Jean-Félix & Friends” on December 16, 2016.

A clip for an association, with several artists, comes out on our

TV screens in January 2018; clip and single I LIVE WITH by the collective “heart of tribe” composed of: Eric Bautheac, Avy Marciano, Gil Alma, Pauline Bression, Harry Roselmack, Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut, Sabrina Perquis, Karima Charni, Camille Esteban, Manon (The Voice ), Jean-Luc Guizonne.

Pedro Alves was in first part of António Zambujo on February 8, 2019 at the Trianon in Paris!
He will be touring in September 2019 throughout France with a new show. 2019 will also be the year of his big comeback, with an album in French and another in Portuguese.

Pedro Alves has long been a voice that we no longer present but that we listen.


  • 2019 – septembre – album CARTE POSTALE DU PORTUGAL
  • 2019 – 21 juin – single Un tour au Portugal
  • 2019 – 31 mai – single COMME VOUS
  • 2018 – single JE VIS AVEC – Collectif Coeur de Tribu
  • 2011 – DVD Lorraine de Choeur – 2000 Choristes
  • 2004 – Album Attention Fragile
  • 2004 – Titre Je chanterai album de Lionel Florence Des rencontres et des mots
  • 2003 – single Un jour sans (avec l’orchestre de la Garde Républicaine)
  • 2003 – Noël Ensemble
  • 2003 – Love United
  • 2002 : single REGARDER UNE FEMME (Pascal Obispo – Lionel Florence)
  • 2000 – Les 10 Commandements (Pascal Obispo – Patrice Guirao/Lionel Florence) Titre solo DEVANT LA MER et OH MOÏSE avec Lisbet Guldbaek, Anne Warin et Yaël Naïm
  • 1999 – Couleur de l’ombre (album d’Alice Dona – choriste)
  • 1997 – Génération Aznavour (collectif Studio Alice Dona)
  • 1996 – Vacances 2001 – Les routes du soleil (collectif Studio Alice Dona)


  • Disque diamant, or et platine pour Les Dix Commandements
  • Victoires de la musique pour Les Dix Commandements
  • NRJ Music Awards pour Les Dix Commandements
Portrait Pedro Alves


- Clip

tour au Portugal

- Le trianon 8 février 2019

Amar e ser amado 
- Le trianon 8 février 2019

Amar e ser amado 
- Le trianon 8 février 2019

- En acoustique avec cédric - Extrait émission TV Mai 2018

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- Les dix Commandements

- Enregistrement en duo avec Pablo Villafranca et 2000 choristes.

Single Album du même nom - Pascal Obispo / Lionel Florence - Hymne de Miss France 2004

Enregistrement avec 2000 choristes sous la direction de Jackie Locks.

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